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I provide lighting for a band. I am using a DMX Operator Pro to manage my fixtures and dimmers. Right now we have 4 Intimidator 2.0 fixtures, 2 Chauvet DMX Meage Strobes, 2 par 64's, 8 par 56's, and 8 par 46's.

I am constantly trying to add to the show. I know that there is 8 channels for fixtures and 8 channels for dimmers. The dimmers I use can be set to 1, 2, or 4 channels. So, I can multiply the amount of cans easily.

The fixture side is set up in 16 channel blocks. The Intimidator 2.0 only uses 5 channels per scanner. That leaves 11 DMX channels for fixture block.

My question is, can you use those left over channels. Can I assign the first fixture to 1, the second to 6, and have a third 11? Or would it work to assign the first to 1 and a second to 8? Seems like it should work either way.

If my explanation of the scenario is insufficient, you can email me.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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hello and welcome to the elation forums! now theoretically you can do this and it will work but however doin a straight patch will kind of cut down on some of the ease of some features. you will have to switch channel banks when programming 2 fixtures rather than hit the fixture button. and doing this will also make it that much harder to program all scanners at once. you will have to do it individually. i can think if more cons than prod of doin the addressing this way. BUT i suggest you try it and see how it works for u. sincerely,
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I mostly program individually, but now I do see a problem... If the fixtures were stacked this way, grouping the lights for on the fly manipulation would be pretty impossible. I use that function quie a bit to cut down on programming, and the fact that there are only 8 fixture chases. You can use the same chase with a different color and/or gobo and create a very different effect.

One more question while I am at it. Is there any way to keep the lights grouped while changing scenes? With one scene selected, you can group and modify any combination of lights. However, when I go to a different scene, the grouping is cancelled. I use one bank for "spotlights" on the individual members and favorite rock out spots... lol I would love to be able to move through the scenes in that bank with the same grouping, but I have not been able to make it happen.

Thanks again in advance...

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