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I am a lighting designer and I use software emulation of Elation and Cuelux Visual productions.
I make the same observation as Robert: I do not understand why the option HTP / LTP no longer exists in the latest version (1.3.33) of the 2 software.
I am therefore obliged to remain in version 1.3.31 LTP because the option is essential to me
you should correct this error because I think it must be a problem for almost everyone who uses this software professionally
Other issues:
Does he not there to see 3D with this software?
Would not it be possible to add other DMX universes?
Would not it be possible to have the Fade In and Fade Out to the stack?
I use this software with a mac I can not find the shortcut on the keyboard BREAK because I also have a PC and there I find no problem how come it?
I use the controller midicon and unfortunately the faders are not mechanical so would not it be possible to avoid the change of

Hoping fast corrections I remain at your disposal if necessary.........................
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thank you for the quick response that's cool
So already I'm waiting impatiently for the next version that will fix small imperfecrtions as LTP / HTP and the change of level faders because I also have more controller Midicon Berhinger BCF2000 controller and obviously there is no problem since mechanical faders are then still a little suggestion why not add to the controller Midicon mechanical faders and knobs raccouci Blinder, Strobe, and Fog of BREAK as a little frustrated to see the screen but not on the controller
I am delighted to hear that you are considering a pro version for multi universe with automatic bars to LEDs ... All this requires a lot of chanels DMX
Basically I bought Emulation and I had to buy Cuelux order to have a second universe and have no interface problem. The only pity is that I can put the two software related then a pro version multi universe simplifirais me good life because now I have five spot pro Vizi, Vizi 4 spot, 4 wash Vizi 108, 8 Mega panels , 4 Mega tri bar, Jelly Fish 4, 4 Event bar, rgb 2 Hypnotic, a Fogstorm HD700, HD1200 Fogstorm 1, 1 and I Unik Look ahead to buy new so I do not even know if but two worlds will satisfy me in the end I saw that there was still a third version HandsOn if I want to create a third world so strongly pro version
otherwise I'm also a little problem with the remote via tel. I try with my N900 and my Iphone4S the same problem appears: page 8 of memories is not displayed correctly if not all perfectly fonctione
Originally posted by JWPardee:
Hello Mad, we are working with the engineers to fix this issue. Please be patient while we get the answer for you. We apologize for any delays and frustrations you might have

Hi Jeffrey
I hope you're okay?
I saw on the site Cuelux there was a new update with the return in the choice of options mixture HTP
My question is the following issue: when updating to elation imposing the parameter?
greeting informed

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