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I am running CompuLive2006. I have scenes programmed into a PAGE named "Design Spot 250" that only control 4 DS250's. I also have scenes programmed into a PAGE named "Master" that control LED fixtures as well as the DS250's.

When I go to create or edit a scene in the Master PAGE, the pan (x) channel for all 4 DS250's has the value "85" highlighted in green. The problem is that when I increase the fader value, the number does not increase and the light does not move until I get above 85. Once I clear 85, the number increases, the light starts panning, and the highlight changes to a maroon color. I have noticed that the little red dot in the "space box" for each DS250 in the editor DOES move like it should.

When I go to create or edit a scene in the Design Spot 250 PAGE, everything works correctly, except I still see the value "85" highlighted in green. Even though the value does not increase until I get above 85, the light pans like it should from 0 to 85.

Does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can fix it to where I get the full range of pan out of the light, including the lower 85 values, in the Master PAGE scenes?

If it helps, the light (physically and profile) is set to 540 degrees of total pan. This problem is limiting my pan to 360 degrees. It's interesting to note that 360/540 = (255-85)/255.

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Man, I hate it when I spend the time to type out a long post, then turn around and figure out the answer to my own question!!

Anyway, instead of deleting the question, I figured I would post the answer in case anyone else had the same problem:

It seems that my INIT scene in my Design Spot 250 PAGE had all the pan channels set to 85...go figure! So, of course I just set them to 0, saved, and now I'm rockin' and rollin' again.

I guess sometimes you just have to ask the question to trigger the part of your brain that has the answer Smiler

Happy Programming!

tell me have you changed any of the values for re INIT button? Because when you create a scene it included the valued of the last active scene or switch which if you have INIT on it will include those values. Also lf the problem still persist try clicking on "link all channels to east step function" it should be a small square button on the upper right hand side on the easy steptab when you edit or create a new scene or switch in the edit window. Let me know. Sincerely,
agh didn't see that post lol. Also to avoid long pan and tilt starting times I have found a position for pan and tilt to be on my INIT scene. That way when I cut up a program or cycle or whatever it has a quick starting position rather than having the movers go through half there values to get to the starting point in my scenes. It really works great and is use to program and saves time in the future. Sincerely,

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