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As soon as I get them, you can believe I will post pictures of them and pit them vs my DS 575s. Optics, colors, and intensity are what I am most interested in. Bang for the buck, low power consumption, and size/weight of the fixture are next on the list.

Going from 64 lb fixtures to 28 lb that performs similar will be a great help. I can live without CMY, but zoom would be nice. CMY would be the next feature I would want followed by another rotating and animation wheel. Then its a DS 575 clone. However, until a 5R comes along with at least CMY and zoomn, my DS 575s aren't going anywhere. I would imagine weight and size would increase though. Basically a DS300 Pro with brighter lamp and less power consumption.
Camera's lie. They aren't as powerful as the human eye. Likewise, on some of the videos, I caught a couple of things that looked odd optically with gobos and colors in. Cameras aren't really helping, so I want to see for myself.

Not saying I don't believe you Jim, just seeing is believing. There are also a few things I would test out myself. For example, how the iris effects the optics, how much of an angle I can have it and still focus a gobo end to end, and comparing it to a much warmer color temperature source like lekos.
Cool, thanks Jim. I really liked the theme of the video too which matches prefectly with the company. Its not anything new, just an evolution of something that has been around since the start of the moving light era.

I would love to see more fixtures of this caliber, washes and fixtures with CMY and zooms for example. I am sure however the optics for a wash might be a little tricky. I would also love to see what, say, a 250w and 300w version of the lamp is capable of. At 250w, it should be looking like or surpass 700w movers and at 300w knocking on 1200w movers' doors with 400w beating at 1200w most likely. That would be truly incredible.
"ding ding ding" we have a winner

Wow thats all i can say...elation can do soo much with this fixture..ive already got my order in for 24 of them.

yes having CMY and zoom would make this thee best fixture to have and use....even compared to the big boys, martin, clay, high end and so on.

I'd like to see them make this into a dedicated wash and beam fixture... maybe not soo much the wash but having a beam such as the ADJ version.
I would have to agree that a beam would be interesting. I thought about grabbing some DB 300s for on the deck shooting into the air stuff. Now I think I might wait to see if a Platinum Beam 5R comes out.

Keeping all the lamps the same is important to me because it keeps things constant. My boss constantly yells at me for cross renting whole shows when I don't have enough in-house of whatever fixture I need to do the job. He wants me to use in-house and cross rent to supplement. That works depending on situation. I tell him, however, he pays me to do the best job I can do, not the cheapest or half-donkeyed. Keeping the fixtures similar makes for and looks like a better show. Same lamps, some colors, same gobos, etc etc.

As far as the big boys. Martin has fallen off a bit. I am not that impressed with the Mac III. 2ks are still road warriors no doubt though. High End is just that now, High End. Showguns, Showpix, and Studio Pix. The Studio line has fallen to the waste side and x.Spot was canceled some years ago. Not a fan of Clay, nothing really impresses me out of there camp minus the new Alpha 700 series. They aren't exactly the nicest to look at either, and I work in a lot of situations where the fixtures are visible to the clients. Bulky, boxy, with odd lines. The real top dogs are Vari. They were the first, and their cheapest, smallest fixture is a wash light that comes with either a 700w arc, a 1000w tungsten, or a 1200w tungsten, which should speak volumes about the company.

Elation I would say is on the level of Martin. They started very similarly, Martin was DJ only that moved to professional. Elation quality has improved vastly and the bang for the buck blows Martin away. For example, to get 2 rotating gobo wheels you have to go to a Mac 2k, same with a frost filter in a spot. There are a few minor things that aren't up to snuff, like adjusting rotation speeds on gobos and wheels, but other then that, I have been specing Elation over Martin. Just my opinions.
Lol, just made me go and watch that. Rather funny. So they come out with a couple of LED moving heads a la Impression which Elation has had for a while now, a new Mac III which I don't care for the current Mac III, and a 250w beam because everyone else has 300w beams while Martin doesn't have a 300 series...

Seems like they are playing follow the leaders, Elation and VL.
Me, not that many to start. I want to put them through their paces and make sure no glaring issues/problems arise before I commit to a large order. My boss is big into video right now, just ordered some 7k projectors which also cost a fortune. Plus, the next major thing lighting I am getting, looks like a new Piggy Big Grin. Full Boar. Doing a lot of shows which I can use wings or maxing out 4 universes.

And yes, the above are all my opinions and I don't work for Elation Professional or any of the AMDJ Family of companies. As such, my opinion does not reflect that of said company/ies.
Hello Guys. I am a big Elation supporter. I own some of the Platinum Spot 5r Pro fixtures as well as the Platinum 5r Beam fixtures. I have a few videos of them in use on my Youtube page. One of my videos is actually a comparison of a Platinum Spot 5r pro vs. an Elation 575e. Other than the fact that the 5rs have small gobos and no animation wheel, they are the clear winner in other comparisons like brightness and the zoom feature just to name a few. It might help some of you make a decision on what fixture to buy. Here is a link to the comparison of the Elation Platinum Spot 5r Pro vs. Elation 575e

I can't wait to see the new Elation Platinum Spot 35r pro fixture in person. It also has an animation wheel. Should be a killer fixture. I wonder if it will have small gobos though?? I hope they are slightly larger so custom gobos are more of an option. I found a link to it on the Farralane website.

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