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Hi All,

This is a basic power question, I am sure, but I do not know how to fix it. I have an SC-8 Controller system that I use regularly and hook up anywhere from 4-8 lights.

I keep blowing out the circuit on the single 20-amp circuit I hook in to. (well, one of the two plugs on the wall).

Is there a way to distribute power from two different circuits and combine into the single SC-8?

Again, I am very novice at this, but do know that one single 3 pronged plug is not holding enough power for 4-8 lights.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi Matt and welcome to the forums.

What types of fixtures are you plugging into the controller? You say 4-8, but each of those lights might be 2000w a piece (doubtful). The other thing is it is possible the outlet is a 15 amp outlet and not a 20 amp outlet. According to standard, 20 amp Edison has one on the prongs at a 90 degree angle with regards to the other. See this image for what exactly I am talking about.

Almost no one follows this standard, but it is possible, especially in newer buildings since there has been an up rise/appearance of such plugs and outlets in recent years.

Once again welcome to the forums.

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