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my problem is that everytime i turn on the machine. the lamp stays off and i have to go to the menu on the base and turn it on manually.. im using 3 movil heads and the other 2 work fine..
everytime i turn it on i save the settings. but the next day happens the same i turn on everything on but the lamp stays off>> what can i do to fix this? thanks for your time...
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I forgot to ask you about the power wash that i have i have 3 machines for the stage everytime i use the chase for the colors the color wheel of one or another gets a mix of different colors. so when i finish using the chase and i want to wash the stage with just one color.. one or two machines will give diferent colors.. i have to reset the machine get all the colors back to a regular order.. is it a signal problem or the machine itself?
Hi Danny,
You need to pull out the user manual for the light.
The fixture it self has to turn the lamp on as soon as power comes on is a feature called "Lamp on Automatically"
The one fixture has this feature off, so you need to turn it on.
Another feature is lamp on off by DMX.. its a feature that needs to be turned on. when this feature is turned on your Light Jockey button should work if its configured correctly

best regards

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