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I am attempting to use Mac OSX with Parallels installed with a version of Windows XP.
I am able to load the software no problems but every time I start up the program it states that no DMX interface is connected.
I shut down the program and loaded the software drivers and have them running with no problems per Device Manager.
I then have the red light flickering and the amber light on.
However, every time I start back up Compu Live, the driver gets corrupted and the device manager now says there is a problem with the driver and to reinstall. I do so and the driver appears to be installed correctly but then sure enough I restart Compu Live and the driver gets corrupted?
Please advise/help. I am going crazy trying to figure out the problem.
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that's what i meant by it will be a tough one. The developers are PC engineers that are not familiar with the MAC OS.
Since this is the case it is almost impossible to know what the problem would be becuase it would have to be withing the MAC OS.

The only thing I know is that I personally know about 10 people running Compu on a MAC using Parrallels and it works fine.

I am glad VMware worked for you. Either way I will post any response I get on the parrallels
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I am nut sure what to tell you. Dylan is using a MAC BOOK with Windows installed and it seems to work but our products are PC compatible and I cannot guaranty they work perfecty on MAC system.

We have had this problem before. Basically, for some reason, the Parallels has USB driver problems. For MAC we only reccomend using Bootcamp and less recently, Fusion. Parallels has never worked properly and consistently with our products. Hope this helps.

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