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Hey Jim,

Here is the profile we created to solve this problem.

Copy your Elation.xml file to your user folder under Common/Personalities/User

Open the file and add the following to the bottom of the file before the following text:


<model label="DW" class="Led" alias="ELEDPAR56 DW">
<change username="Church-Technologies" notes="Changed color names for ELEDPAR56DW" date="2012-04-04" time="08-09-10-37" />
<mode label="01">
<part attribute="Custom" label="White">
<range function="Control MSB" offset="0">0,255</range>
<part attribute="Custom" label="Amber">
<range function="Control MSB" offset="1">0,255</range>
<part attribute="Macro">
<range function="On" offset="2">0,0</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">1,13</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">14,27</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">28,41</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">42,55</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">56,69</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">70,83</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">84,97</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">98,111</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">112,125</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">126,139</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">140,153</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">154,167</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">168,181</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">182,195</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">196,209</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">210,223</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">224,236</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">237,248</range>
<range function="Reserved" offset="2">249,255</range>

2) Then you must remove and replace each DW fixture in your show with this new profile in the patch area of your application. We recommend doing this one fixture at a time instead of deleting them all at once. We also recommend that you write down each address and channel name exactly as they are stored in the show file and will need to be exact.

You will replace with the profile located in the User/Elation at the bottom of the manufacturers list. Then choose the fixture called "DW" and assign the previous address and rename the fixture to your previous setup.

Repeat for as many fixtures as required
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