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Ken, I downloaded the profile and took a look at it in the fixture editor and noticed the profile and the channel listing in the manual don't match up. They differ as follows...

Chan. Vizi Spot Manual - Profile (from elation website)
1 Pan Movement 8bit - Pan Movement 8bit
2 Pan Movement Fine - Pan Movement Fine
3 Tilt Movement 8bit - Tilt Movement 8bit
4 Tilt Movement Fine - Tilt Movement Fine
5 Color Wheel - Color Wheel
6 Gobos - Gobos
7 Gobos Idx/Rot - Gobos Idx/Rot
8 Rot Prsm/Gobo Macro - Macros
9 Prsm Rot/Idx - Shutter
10 Focus - Dimmer
11 Shutter/Strobe - P/T Speed
12 Dimmer - Programs
13 Pan/Tlt Speed - None Listed
14 Reset/Programs - None Listed

Are there multiple profiles for the ADJ Vizi Spot LED Pro? Is this fixture a newer model with the addition of the prism and focus? Thanks.

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