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Yes, I have. It's not there. Under the following headings: ADJ/MEGA SERIES there are two called Mega Bar 50 (one 6 channel and one 7 channel) but neither of those work correctly for this light. There are also some various Mega Bars listed in the main directory, but not this one.

This is the MEGA BAR 50 RGB

The RGB designation seems to be the one that sets it apart.
Hi all. I took a break since someone felt I contributed useful information too much. Sorry, I'll go crash down the stairs head-first and knock my IQ down a few dozen points.

Back on topic.

The Mega Bar 50 is the same as the Mega Bar 50 RGB. Just a different name best I can tell. When I bought them, they were SKU'd "Mega Bar 50 RGB". RGB, LED, Well, BFD, it's all the SDT(same damn thing! I made that up, I claim it!)

I think the problem might be a bit more basic. Now, I have 4 of these. Out of the box, worked fine. I put them in 7 channel mode. Each has its own address. I already was programming them in MyDMX, so when I added the real thing into my rig, they worked immediately.

Just make sure you choose your correct mode and make sure you choose the correct profile to match. Assign the addresses and you're good. You want to read your manual to set the fixtures into the right mode as it's not straight-forward by numbers.

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