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So I have Compu 06 that I am using to control a mixture of lights such as High End Systems Studio Spot 250's, Elation Active Scan 250's, Matin Mania Scanner's, AMDJ DJ Scan 250EX's & some strobes. My question is if I want to create a completely custom program that included all of the above mentioned lights how do I do that? So for example I wanted them to all point into the center of the dance floor with open gobo in white, then move to a different location with some misc. gobo & the color blue, then on the next movement the color & gobo changed again & so on. Completely automated with speed control. How do I program all my own peramiters & then save it to recall those exact movements & effects?

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Hey KS Welcome to the forums. Are you new to the program? If so please check out some of my videos on you tube if you want.
To do what you are asking is pretty simple. Make sure all your fixtures are linked to the Master Page by going to the pages tab and making sure the crown icon is on for each fixture page. now once you have done that go to the master page and click on the INIT scene to make the page active. Now select new scene but clicking on the yellow "SCE" icon or go to button at the top and select New Scene.
A window will pop out that says master scene 1. you can rename it to whatever you wish. now towards the bottom of that pop up you will see a check box that says link all the channels of the page to easy step. check it. and then select OK+EDIT.
Now in the scene edit window you position your fixtures how you want too using the faders. to move all of the relevant faders for one fixture type hold down shift as you move the fader for example say the pan or tilt or dimmer channel. All like channels will move to the same level as the current one being adjusted. Once you have your first step as you described in your post you can create a new step in the same scene using easy step.
to make a new step click on the square gray box that has a page in it with a arrow pointing back. now you can adjust your fixtures for your next step and add a fade or hold time in the boxes with )'s in them. The upper box is for fades the lower box is for hold.
I hope this helps you. if i skipped anything or you have further questions please let me know.
No I'm actually not new to it at all, I bought the original version of compuware a long time ago & obviously upgraded since then. But I only had 1 type of light then, so having the 1 single page open I was able to see all the fuctions without scrolling to the sides like I do now. So it is now much more difficult to make manual changes with so many differant types of lights.

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