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Im using the elation 1024 ec program. I just bought the elation Dp 415 4 channel pack im trying to get each channel separate what I mean is when I press one of the buttons I set up the light come on but when I press a different button the 1 st light goes off and the button I pushed comes on how do I keep them both on using different buttons for each light ?

Im using channel 29 setting on the dimmer pack

29 - 32

Also how do I keep all 3 pages active so when I hit my short cut keys to turn everything on or everything off I don’t have to click on each page ?

i would add a screen shot but dont know how to link it on to here


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i am not quite sure i understand. a screen shot would be helpfull. check out
once you upload the pic. in the post writing window there is a icon of a pic. it is the second to last. simply copy the image URL you get from photobucket and paste it into the text field that comes up when you click on the icon on the photo. Let me know if you need help. or email me the pic at james k At elation lighting DOT COM


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