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I'm trying to become self sufficient and learn to write profiles since my software is aged out but still works.

I'm in CompuLive 1024EC, fwiw, but the question might be of general interest to people using newer software as well. My question:

When making the preset buttons, are you just picking a value on the DMX channel that controls presets? (ex: if Channel 11 has many programmed functions, pick a channel 11 value and make that the preset button?).

Or are you somehow creating a sequence of things and assigning it to a button.

My application is movers. My Blizzard Flurry tri's profile had buttons for lots of patterns: sway back and forth, figure 8, round, spaz, etc.

My new lights have some basic presets on one of the channels, but it's not what I want. Juyst want to know if that's what you used when you made profiles, or if there is something else I'm not aware of in the profile maker. (I hope so)

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Hi! I make the bulk of the profiles, and it really is just sort of making a GUI map of the DMX chart, I can only make presets for what exists in the DMX traits, and i just try to find icons that best reflect the function that is in use for that specific trait. Here is my video of making profiles for compu show, but the editor should be the same.
Hope this helps.
So the motions that can be used are limited to what is pre-programmed into my light, correct?

The movers I got (on eBay, they were cheap and apparently that's why!) have some pre-programmed stuff, but it's motion -AND- lights.

I can't over-ride the lights and use my own colors so they're not very useful.

It can be done other ways, just making sure I'm not missing the easy way!
Right, by assigning an icon to the section of the channel where it does a circle and figure 8 etc, it is just letting you recall the built in programming with an icon, you are not able to edit it. but you can generate your own movements in the software using the easy time functions. Same for color mixing you should have access to the RGB or RGBW channels to color mix your own colors, if you do not, then maybe you are in the lower channel mode as most of those cheaper moving head washes offer a mode with pre-set colors only, no color mixing.

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