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Can a stage setter 8 control unit be used to change the color of an ADJ PAR 64 LED ?

I purchased the control unit with 2 DP-415 for christmas and have not been able to figure out how to control the color of the lights.

I am really new to this. My 8 year old son is thrilled that he can make the lights go on an off and adjust the intensity.


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Hello Eric,
A Stage Setter can control the color changing effect of a P64LED, but it is not recommended. The Stage Setter 8 is a DMX controller but is more directed towards non DMX fixtures such as stage lights. Since the P64Led is an intelligent fixture, you will need an intelligent controller to get the full capability and functionality of this light.

What your son is doing is fine, you are going to be able to control the dimming effect and colors of the light that you have with the Stage Setter but you will not be able to record and scenes and chases the way the light is meant to be recorded with the Stage Setter.

Hope this helps!
Originally posted by jingles:
Yes he meant the DMX line.
As far as controlers are concerned. check out our intelligent section. i would reccommend a good beginner controller like a DMX operator 192. or maybe ADJ's my DMX. there's a bunch of nicely priced good controllers. take a look around.

I need help programming the stage 8 is there a DVD i can get to get this figuired out?
tks Frank

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