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I have a question, hope this make sense. I have Compu live 2048 FC+, and have some programming questions on LED matrix settings.
I have 48 IColor coves 12" all running in sequential DMX addresses from 1 to 144. Currently they are mounted on six vertical bars with 8 lights per a bar (8ft high). The lights start at DMX Address 1 at the bottom of the first bar, and ends with 24 at the top, then 25 starts on the next bar, and so on.

Picture bottom left corner: ICoves

When I open the color manager it only allows me to see the matrix situated in a 6h X 8w view, where as the first top left box to the top right box is 1 - 24. Is there a way to make it display a 8h X 6w view with light 1 starting at bottom left and 24 at top? I could not find any info on the use of the matrix settings.
Any info would b great.

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