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Hello there, Manford here, new to the forum and new to the Operator 192. Great product, I owned a Chauvet 55 for several weeks and returned it for the Elation 192. I know they are basically the same unit, but the MIDI note functionality of the Elation unit swayed me over in a heartbeat. I play bass in a band and run the lights with a FCB1010 foot controller, and having the ability to control the audio tap feature via MIDI was the MAJOR selling point. In fact, I couldn't live without it! We are syncing the drummers kick drum with the audio chase, for simplicity.

Anyhow, long story short... I'm new to intelligent fixtures, and have 4 Intimidators that I want to program chases for. Looking for an overall FAQ or primer on how and where to get started. Anything like that exist out here on the web? I've looked around for at least a couple of weeks and haven't found a good place to start. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, one specific question. Is it possible with the 192 to save a FADE time with a chase step? For example.. scene 1 of a chase stays on for 1 second, then scene 2 fades in using 4 seconds, then back to 1 second for the fade on scene 3, and so on. So, quick scan, slow scan, quick scan, slow scan, etc. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Thanks for the welcome James. The answer I found was actually from a post of yours from the other forum, so I appreciate it!

Our music alternates between full tilt country (if there is such a thing) to moderately slow ballad type songs. I think what I may try is have the fast chases activate with the audio from the kick drum, and let the slow songs chase to the time set on the fader. More on this as I get further into it.

Again, thanks!

p.s. I've found a few simple videos out on youtube, but so far nothing past what is already explained in the manuals. I feel like trial and error might be the best path here.
Alright, the verdict is in.

I setup a simple chase, and activated it with both the audio and auto modes. Auto worked great, as I was able to set the speed to about 4 seconds, and the fade to around 3.8. All scanners moved nice and slow to the next chase step, just like I want. HOWEVER...

Activate the audio chase, and everything just sort of stayed in the middle, trying to catch up. Seems like the FADE still applies to the chases in audio mode as well.

Any way around this? Is there any method of FADE time deactivation?

If it were possible to assign SPEED and FADE times via midi, this would work, since the FCB1010 midi controller has two expression pedals. That would beat having to bend down to adjust the timing in between (or during) a particular slow song in our setlist. I didn't see any note values listed for SPEED and FADE in the midi table.

Once again, Thank you for listening.

I have come up with a hardwired (literally) solution to the issue with fade time deactivation. I'll try to explain as clearly as I can, and apologize ahead of time if I lose anyone along the way.

I'm using the Behringer FCB1010 to control the Operator 192 via MIDI. What I forgot about the 1010, is the ability to use the 2 built in "Switches" to control analog functions of amplifiers, just like a traditional stomp box that controls reverb/clean channel functions, etc. These are simple open/closed circuits, nothing major going on here. Keep this in mind, I'll expand on this in a moment.

I tore apart the 192's housing tonight (*gasp*, the thing is brand new!) and got out the multimeter. After locating the terminals for the FADE time fader, I powered up the unit and set the FADE time to 4 seconds, like I mentioned above. I then took a screwdriver and created a shunt across the terminals, and BLAM!, the fade time dropped to Zero. Remove the screwdriver and the time returned to 4 seconds. See where this is going? Mission accomplished, almost.

I soldered a wire to the terminals, drilled a small hole in the back of the 192's case, and ran the wire out the back. (I'll pick up a 1/4 input jack tomorrow after work, and clean up the mod.) Some quick configuration of the FCB1010 and I had the switch2 control turned back on and assigned to my Audio chase control pedal. I connected a standard 1/4 inch guitar cable to the FCB1010, twisted the leads from my wire hanging out of the 192, and tried it out. IT WORKS!

So, what this allows me to do, is run a chase in AUTO mode, with a nice slow fade between scenes. Say we come to the bridge or guitar solo of the particular song we are jamming, and I can hit the pedal assigned to AUDIO chase mode (at the same time deactivating the slow FADE time) and the scenes become abrupt and perfectly synced with our kick drum. After the fast chase, I tap the AUTO pedal again, the fade time goes back up to 4 seconds, and things are nice and slow once again. The cool thing about this, any scene that I need to be quick, I can assign the footswitch option to on the FCB1010. That way, situations like the start or end of a set, after a song is done, etc... I can pull up a new scene and not have to wait for it to settle in. Everything will be nice and snappy!

Yes, it is a homebrew hack, but in this case, it turns the Operator 192 into exactly what I'm looking for in order to have a controlled intelligent light show, that is run from stage. Just in time for the private party we have booked Saturday night. *WHEW*

Maybe somewhere down the line someone will read this and realize it might work for them, too. If only Elation had programmed a fade time control with midi values... oh well, maybe in the next version!


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