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I have a Scene Setter 24CH Dimmer Console and I'm wondering how to reset it, get it back to new, delete everything in it.

I used to have a light guy and he left, I'm trying to follow the instructions, but the passord <record> + 1668 doesn't look to work for me, I do not know if this guy changed to a new password, and I can not get a hold of him.

Thanks for all your help.
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This is how to restore the password to factory default.

Press and hold the following three buttons, "Record", "Edit" and "Hold". Then sequentially press FLASH keys 5, 10, 15, 20 and release the first three buttons.

Also make sure that you have the correct power adapter.

Let me know what happens

How does one do a factory reset on the Scene Setter 48? I tried the solution recommended for the 24 and it didn't do anything. I'm in the exact same situation; our lighting guy moved away and I can't get hold of him to get the password from him, if he even remembers.

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Both the Scene Setter 24 and 48 have the same default password, but the password reset codes are different.

Here's how to reset the Scene Setter 48 to the default password.
Press and hold down “RECORD, EDIT & HOLD” buttons- then sequentially press FLASH keys 10,20,30,40 and release.

Thank you very much! It seems our record button is a little unstable, so codes sometimes work and sometimes don't. I'm having a little trouble setting a new passcode on it, but I'm sure it's just the record button being finicky; I'm following the instruction manual to the letter, haha.

Thanks again for your kind help! It's greatly appreciated here.

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I have a scene setter 48 and i can't get this to work. I can't seem to get it into record mode so i think the pass code has been changed. and I would like to reset it back to factory but that isn't workin for me ether. please help
Hi, I buy a scene setter 48 last week, but I'm not able to do preset... I unlocked the Record with 1,6,6,8 and I'm in 1-48 mode, I choice the intensity of my lighting, I press record, page 1, bump 25 and after Rec Exit, but qhen I try, it dosn't work... thank you !

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