Can anyone give me some tips to try and fix my Power Spot 250 fixture.I'd hate to send it in.Maybe there are some things i can try myself to try and fix the "RSER" message.The manual dosnt really help on this prob. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Evolution.

This message informs you that one of the fixture function wasn’t
able to do its reset correct (magnetic sensor, stepping motor,
driver on the PCB, cables, etc.). Repair the defect and start the
fixture again.

When a fixture starts up, it goes through a calibration process to make sure all system are good.
It tests every motor to make sure it works.
So the light has a color wheel motor, gobo wheel motor, shutter/dimmer motor, pan motor, tilt motor etc. etc.

One of these motors is not reseting properly, and this can be for different reasons.
if your mechanically inclined, go ahead and see whats ticking inside.
If your not mechanically inclined, send it in for service or call customer support.

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Ok i plugged in the light today and well it starts doing its self check and then it stops and the readout says RST and thats all it does.Now taht i think about it...maybe it never said RSER..Anywho..the message right now is RST.Any ideas??
rst is reset. sounds like ur fixture is stuck in reset mode. it says this the whole time? do u have any control over DMX at all? u should give a call to the service department today if u have time. the number is on the main page here on the forum. peace! jingles. it dosnt finish the reset mode.It says RST the whole time and no i dont have any control.I try pushing some buttons but its like the fixture is frozen.I know im gonna have to call the service department but i just know there gonna tell me to send it in...and im trying to avoid that.But if i gots to i gots to..Thanks jingles..youve been a great help!
no problem i do what i can. it's better to send it in and have the pros fix it. either that or u have a really expensive paperweight. peace! if u need anything else u know where to find me. jingles! Big Grin Wink

I highly suggest you contact Elation service.
this is a service question more than a support inquiry.


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sup guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that i called Elation service center today and i explained my situation and they told me try some stuff and well in the end turns out the main circuit board (mother board) is burnt.Due to a power surge that happened the last time i used the lights. I didn't think it was that cause all the other lights work fine.anyways got the part ordered.I'll let you guys know what happens when it gets replaced.Again thanks for everything.
Hey guys..I started working on this fixture today.I took apart everything and started looking to see why the fixture wouldnt reset properly and stay on RST.Remember i said i ordered the main circuit board..well turns out it was a wire that was disconnected! I pluged that wire back in place and turned it on and...there it was it reseted correctly and works fine now!I havnt received the circuitboard from Elation. Do you think i can return it?? That $100!
im sure they will take it back(but dont hold me to that) Elation takes good care of their customers. And this IS NOT a common occurance all of their lights are top quality. maybe it got shook around in shipping(grammar check!) glad you got it fixed!!!

Yes.. I am sure if you contact the service rep who took your order will be more than happy to take the part back.
Keep in mind that anything is possible with moving lights.. They are like cars.. sometimes you need to see what's under the hood of your car.
In many DJ lights, they say don't open your lights or your void your warranty. Not true with Elation lights. They are made to be opened up and serviced and checked out. This is what makes them run longer than other fixtures.
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