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I've watched both videos twice. I can find nowhere where it shows how to address the DMX channels. I did see that in program mode you need to hit program Flash 8 (not 6) three times. This allows access to the DMX channel programming but the manuals stes do not work. I may have a bad "new" unit and am currently awaiting a replacement.


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Hey Carl,

To assign the DMX Channels on "ADJ" branded version of the Scene Setter you will need to do the following:

1. Enter Program Mode by pressing and holding the Record button and entering 1, 6, 6, 8.

2. Enter Channel Assign Mode by pressing and holding the Record button and entering 8, 8, 8.

3. Once this has been done the display will read 001, you can now use the Up or Down button to select the channel (1-512) that you want assigned.

4. Once your desired channel is displayed, tap the corresponding Flash button within channels 1-24 that you want the channel assigned to.

5. To exit, press and hold the Record button and tap the Exit button.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Luis, I have tried that numerous times. Granted , it has been about 10 years since I have used DMX lighting. My last controller, An Election was a breeze to address. This is my second Scene Setter 24 in four weeks. The first one my salesperson and I assumed was defective. Now, for many years I have used XLR mic cables and I am learning that they may not work with todays new lighting components. I am assuming there is quit a difference between XLR and DMX cabling... So, I presently have ordered DMX specific labeling... Crossing my fingers at this point.....   But, back to addressing, I have 16 lights that are 8 channel... I assume that the scene setter 24 should be programmed with flash 1 -1 flash 2 25, flash 3 49 etc.... correct?..... this should give me complete control of each individual light....



If the steps provided did not work, I suggest reviewing the instructions found printed on the bottom plate of the controller to verify that the steps provided match the "DMX CH. Assignment" setup, which is what you are trying to configure.
Also, although XLR cables are physically an exact replacement of DMX cables, we do highly recommend using DMX cables, strictly for lighting.
As far as addressing these lights, considering that the Scene Setter 24 is only a 24-Channel controller, it will not be possible to control each light individually. Instead, you will need a controller with a minimum of 128 channels to configure each of the 16 8-Channel lights to a different address for individual control. 

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