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I am a complete moron on the scene setter 24.

I understand DMX addressing.

I have a 4 channel dimmer at DMX1
I have another one at DMX5

I want sliders 1-4 to control the intensity of the first 4 lights
Slider 508 the second set.

I have a stage ape ape coaster at channel 13.
I want 13-18 to control it.

Right now I have no control of any light (it was working yesterday but I think I accidentally hosed something)

I want to assign flash 1 and slider 1 to DMX1, flash 2, slider 2 to DMX2 etc...

I press record 1668. it goes into record mode.

Manual says press Record Flash6 3x to get the dmx channel. Then use up down to select and then assign the channel to each slider.

Record 1668 works and goes into program mode.
record+flash6 (3x) does nothing.

The mode is 1-24 single.

the LED next to the display says "dimmer"

What am I doing wrong? I just want slider 1 to control DMX 1 and then I will figure out the rest
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the manual is wrong... I have a new SS24. same issue. However, on the bottom of my controller are short cuts/instructions. For DMX channel programming, its states while in program mode, to hit the Flash 8 (not 6) button three times while holding down the record button. This does give me access to the DMX channels but I still can't get them into memory/proammed.

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