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I went ahead and upgraded my 24 ch dmx console to 48.

I am wanting to make my own chases on my board right now, but At the moment I only own a board, no lights or dimmer packs,

So I was wondering if there was a program for the computer where I could make chases then and see output thing (with example stage and lights) and then put the faders on my board then same way?
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You can use Elation's Compu 2048FC+, which like jingles said, is a whole brand new controller unto itself.

The other much more expensive option would be WYSIWYG Perform which is extremely compliacted and most likely out of your price range by a large margin. Price is $4,175 for 12 months worth of upgrades and another $995 a year for a once a year renewal to keep it up-to-date.
Yeah, I don't have that kind of money (I am only 17)

with out the DMX USB dongle would the compu live software allow me to permanently run it in demo mode just to play around with and make chases and stuff to copy to my board.

and are there free alternatives if not

I have a Intel Macbook with Leopard and Vista on it. so either way is fine,

Actually I'd prefer a windows based one just to keep it serperate from my main O/S (so to keep it from accidental damage)


P.s. I am on Dialup so, I am trying to download compu live Nov 2008 version but 3hrs left.

Can you tell me one more thing,

where can I get the User Manual (PDF) for my Elation Scene Setter 48

It was before ADJ took over that part (I think 2005 version)

I want a manual to keep consistent with the stuff on my board even though there pretty much the same thing expect for new slider style and button style LCD vs LED, Elation vs ADJ logo, and DMX polarity switch.

I am just going to print it and put it in a binder with page protectors.

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