I'm working to create a lighting show for my church, but I've run into an inconvenience with the Design Spot 250's motion. The fixture will move from scene 1 to scene 2 as fast as possible, but I need it to take seven seconds to move. How can I slow it down? If this information is in the user manual or the Compu 2006 help section, just give me a page number or an article title and I'll take it from there. Thanks!
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Hi Christian,
This is simple, the option will be in the controller rather than in the light you are using.
You are looking for "fade time"
You can set the fade time to be 7 seconds, and there you will have the 7 seconds you are looking for.
I know jingles is the master at this stuff but just to make it a little easier for you if your not finding the fade time in Compu 06. Click on the page that has you design spot 250's(great light choice btw) and then go to page (on the toolbar at the top) down to display and click scene-fade toolbar. a toolbar should pop up on you ds 250 page. now you can control the fade time on any scene on that page. just select the scene and control the fade times at the top. let me know if this helps!!!

yeah. i use that on every page that i use. also another cool thing is the midi console u can use. another great tool. peace! jingles! and yes i am the master!! lol j/k Big Grin

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