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Hello all, first time post here, the first of many I'm sure.

This weekend a friend of mine and I were playing around with my lights and SD1 and were programming chases, a couple of cocktails into it we managed to make the joystick a "live control" where bumping it in any direction would cause the lights to move in that direction within the chase until we bumped it again at which point they would move in that direction, this was happening at the speed of and apparently within the steps of the chase we were running. We couldn't FOR THE LIFE OF US figure out how to do this on command. Please tell me this wasn't a quirk and is something that we can utilize live.

Realizing fully that this post is gonna make me appear like a nooby amateur, I hope you'll be kind in your replies, thanks!!
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Mmkay, I wasn't sure the best way to make this make much sense, but I'll try again.

Typically when a chase is running (playing back) and the pan tilt feature is accessed via the joystick or slider, the chase stops running the scond one bumps said joystick or slider. So, my question is as follows, how did we manage to get the chase to not only continuing playing but to move in the direction that we were "telling it" to in real time (apparently within the steps of a particular chase).

Perhaps this is more clear.

Were your fixture buttons on? if so you may have just been overriding them on the fly. If so this is a feature on most if not all controller with a pan and tilt joystick. you are simply taking command over the pan and tilt channels via the joystick to those selected fixtures even though a chase or show is playing back.
Sincerely and Welcome to the forums,
I'm pretty sure I was using chases that I programmed myself, is there a difference, because I just tried it again (with my own chases) and it didn't work like it was working the other night. I tried turning off the fixtures and it didn't respond at all, when I did it with the fixture on it was acting differently.

Again, this is really tough to describe but the motion was fluid (and not at all jerky) and though I was changing the path of the movement with the joystick I got the impression that I was merely affecting the pan/tilt and the board was interpreting those commands within the steps of the chase.

Any ideas?
Yes, I read about that in the manual, and that's not what was happening.

Basically it was as if the chase was running through 4 steps:




Down (for ex.)

if I didn't touch the joystick it would cycle through these steps. The effect I'm talking about happened when I accidentally bumped the joystick and instead of stopping the movement, it continued running the same chase in terms of speed but was now moving in the direction I pointed it in. And no matter whether I changed I changed pan or tilt it would go in that direction until it reached a certain point (presumably the end of the step) and then it would go to the next step in chase.

I suppose that this was indeed a fluke since no one seems to know what the hell I'm trying to describe Smiler. I'm guessing that if this was a feature on the board somebody would've made some sense of this. Thanks for trying, if it happens again I'll be sure to get some video of it to better explain exactly what I'm talking about.

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