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I need a fixture for the Eurolite TMH-10. The Manual you will find here.

My SelfMade-Fixture you will (better not) find here.

No i've got three Problems Roll Eyes

1. The Moving has no Shutter - only a Dimmer - I define the shutter as 100%-Dimming (DMX-Rang 254-255) - when clicking [Shutter] emulation closed immediately - the [DIMM]-Panel works fine. Is it not possible to define the Dimm-Function and the Shutter-Function on the same Channel with overlapping ranges?

2. My Problems with Halfcolours - I define every different Halfcolour as clr_white with the special dmx-range of the halfcolour - output off every halfcolor is only white!?

3. Problem with the Strobe - I define the [Strobe] but on every slide on the [STL]-panel emulation closed immediately - I tried different ranges: from 0-10 to 250-255

Please can you help me, to understand a little bit more of the functionality from emulation-xml's

Thank you you for all help

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dino, when making a fixture profile be sure you copy the Manufacturer and then create a new profile in that manufacturer list of fixtures. I cannot open up your xml as a single profile. or did you do yours in a XML editor? I'll have to start your profile from scratch and you should have it within 24 hours. (Yes I'll work on it on a Saturday for you if I need too. Big Grin)
Originally posted by Dino:
do i understand you right:
a ElationProfessional-Man needs a Eurolite-Fixture??????? Big Grin Eeker

In Germany unbelievable!!!


Ich weiß nicht verstehen. Ich brauchte nur die gesamte EUROLITE. xml, um richtig zu laden Ihr Profil in der Baumeister-Programm. Ich bin kein Software-Programmierer und nicht wissen, XML. Sorry.

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