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Are the moving light fixtures profiles all permanently set at 32 dmx channels each ? I'm replacing an older board with a new SD3, and my lightshow is all wired for one universe of dmx.I don't want to rewire for multiple universes. I have 22 trackspots, 7 studio spot 250's and 4 technobeams. They are all currently individually addressed and all fit on one universe.IS this possible with the SD3 ?
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You should have no problem transferring to the new console and not have to rewire and readdress your fixtures. The extra universes are in case you need them, meaning more then 512 channels of lighting, or can make your life easier at times. For example, if you have lights at one side of the room and lights on the total opposite, instead of looping them all together, run one DMX line to one side and another to the opposite side to save on cable and stop possible issues that may arise.

As for fixture profiles being 32 channels of DMX, that isn't the case with the SD3. It can control 48 fixtures up to 32 channels a piece. Even if it was the case, you can re address the fixtures so they over lap and just not use the extra channels. I have that problem with a Magic 260 and Trackspots. Trackspots are 7 channel fixtures, and the Magic 260 has generic for 8 channel. Since the Trackspots use there own DMX dip switch settings and not binary, I am forced to use them as 7 channel fixtures. So I simply make fixture 1 channel one, fixture 2 channel 8, fixture 3 channel 15, etc. Even though the 8 channel fixture profiles should be fixture 1 channel 1, fixture 2 channel 9, fixture 3 channel 17, etc. I simply don't use the last channel on each fixture.
Hi Light Dude.
The SD3 has an Auto patch feature. meaning that if you have it on it will always address to the next channel.

You can turn this auto feature off and set any fixture with any DMX channel.
You don't have to use 32DMX channel fixture.
You can look for your the fixture profiles you need here :

or create you own profiles using this software:

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