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Hi All...another newbie here and cuz I'm a total moron regarding lighting, the Einstein avatar seemed to fit.

I'm just starting to get my feet wet into this whole lighting thing for my band. I have a lead on a Show Designer (1) controller and was wondering if it's still worth even considering since it's old, etc. Is SD over complicated for someone with moderate intelligence or should I go elsewhere? Is all the programming done in midi? ...I'm a drummer and kinda "slow" on midi. Does one just use "notes" to assign things vs. "address" tags (duh)?

I'm considering like 8-16 Par38s and a couple of effects to start with (small stuff) SD good for that, perhaps using some of the built-in programs? Should I maybe look into Stage Setter instead? I'm not planning on a lighting guy for the immediate future, so foot switches and/or something programmed is how I envision things "happening".

Anyone's two cents is surely appreciated!
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hey wassup? and welcome to the elation lighting forums! first off for the sd1 and par cans and effects. meaning non dmx fixtures u will need dimmer/ switch packs as well. what they do is u can plug ur effects and pars cans to them and depending what fixtures u have they will either dim the cans or turn on and off the effects that u have. but don't ever try to use a dimmer on a effect light cause it really need to be just shut off and on dimming them could decrease lamp life i think. also never plug a dmx light into a dimmer pack that wil ruin the motors in the fixture.
now about midi u create scenes or chases on ur SD1 and then once u do that u assign a midi note to either a scene or a chase or a bank of scenes if u want. and the foot packs are used to scroll through these notes and have them play what is assigned to those noted. might be hard to drum and switch scenes though. i wanted to try it but never had the time or a foot pack. also the SD1 like all controlers has a learning curve to it u just got to try. my recomendation is to start out with a few lights and give it a go, if things don't work out try something else. if there is anything i didn't answer post back and let me know. or if u have more questions. peace and welcome! jingles out!Smiler
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