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I am wondering if Elation is working on, or will be working a moving head that does not use fans for cooling? We all know the studio color and studio spot by High End, now the smartmac by Martin. Both use convection cooling, or heat sinks making them absolutely silent.

I will always use Elation fixtures, but now the smartmac is really starting to catch my eye!

In a church service, using just 6 moving lights, has to much fan noise to leave them on during speaking times, but it is not practicle to turn them off during these times.

I hope Elation is looking at this technology.
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The problem with silent cooling/heat sinks is they don't give off heat very fast. They keep the internals of the light much hotter, which means things are more likely to break sooner and your lamps will burn out quicker.

Have you tried turning down the fans on your on your lights? They come default at full on. Your can set them to a lower setting so they will spin faster as the light gets hotter, and slower as the light cools. Depending on how air flow is where they are, it can work wonderfully. If they are near air ducts, even better, be it return or output. Even if the heater is going, the air is still cooler then the air come off the lamp. Worth a try.
Well that was the case with the high end stuff using 575 lamps, but the new smartmac uses a 150 watt lamp so the fixture is just as cool as any other light. I do have all our fans set to stay on low, but with all 5 fixtures running its still to loud, and so I cant add anymore due to the noise. I have even thought about getting rid of all the moving heads and using all leds due to no noise, but I hate to lose the movers.

Also, not trying to plug the new martin lights, I just think elation should look at it.
also don't forget about our impression led wash head. I didnt get much chance to play with it but I know it is a quiet light. Let me check a few things out and get back to you.
ok so the impression has active and passive cooling vents. When I was playing with it at WFX iput it in deep blue and sent up the celing and it held its own a good 50 feet I would say. It is an awesome light.
Well that is a nice light but, there it no way we can afford those. The other thing is, they are not a moving spot with gobos. I have decided to get rid of all our moving wash lights and go to stationary led fixtures, but I still want to use my moving spots. All I wanna know is, should I look for a silent fixture from Elation in the near future?

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