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People as us this all the time. but we can't lower the price or another purchase just because people need a backup console. When large tours buy a hog and then want another one for back up purposes they still pay full price. Same goes for everybody. you are more than welcome to purchase another Emulation package from whoever you bought your current one from. Ask them if they can give you a deal or something. Who knows? It never hurts to ask. Smiler which you did in this post. Smiler
It is a usb 'key' device that stores your software authorizations and must be plugged into the computer you are using the software with. For example, I have several thousand dollars worth of audio software plug-ins that I use with various recording packages. I have them installed on all my computers but must plug in the ilok to whichever computer I'm using. Similar to the cue cable concept, but they let you purchase the ability to have a backup or spare.

This approach does not require a customer to purchase multiple copies of the software. It does require the user to purchase an extra 'dongle' and the service of download the 'keys' to their software onto the spare dongle in the event of an emergency.

I get it. Your software looks for any cue cable.

iLok is tied to a user.

Still, for us small lighting operators, allowing a purchase of a spare cable for emergency use would be a nice feature and additional selling point.

If I may make a suggestion, perhaps management would allow registered/verified Emulation customers to purchase a spare cable for a price of $50-$75.

It is my own fault for not completely doing the research before purchasing, but had I known that I'd be dead in the water without the cable with no ability to purchase a spare, I would not have chosen Emulation.

For my live sound and recording equipment, I always have spares of the key components. (The ones that would stop the show)

Having said all that, what do I do if my dog chews up my cuecable and I have a show coming up?

Hi Mitchell,

I like the concept of offering a second spare unit at a reduced price.
At the moment we don't have a system in place to offer that option.
However we will look into something in for the near future. Hopefully by 2012. However it will not be a $50-$75 option. it will be more of a discount offer on the 2nd system.

As it stands at the moment, Elation did not sell you a product. You purchased your Emulation through a dealer and any offers have to be presented by the Dealer.

In the case of a damaged unit, if you send it in for service and it is beyond repair Elation will may find you a replacement refurbished unit at a reduced price.
However as it stands, a spare unit is a full 2nd system.
It may not hurt to ask the dealer you purchased through to offer you a discount on the 2nd system.

Best regards,

By the way, your online support ROCKS!

I'm having a hard time learning the software, but I'm sure it is because of my capacity to learn. Even though I'm a software engineer by trade, I have trouble focusing and learning these days because of post-cancer treatment brain fog. Believe it or not, they actually call it Chemo Brain.

Meanwhile, I'll keep reading the forum, stepping through the manual, looking for youtube videos on Emulation (cuelux), and just being stubborn.

Now.... if only there was an affordable visualizer, my wife wouldn't kill me for setting off the smoke alarms while experimenting with the actual lights.
I personally have not had the greatest of experiences with this software and it's ridiculous that a cable that probably costs $10 to manufacture can't be replaced for less than $400. I misplaced the USB to DMX in a recent move and have not been able to run my lights for 3 weeks now. Emulation could easily put a software key on their programs so that they only work on a trial bases until the software is purchased. This is what 95% of other companies do. I'm bailing and going to another software that has reasonable policies. Very frustrated!
unfortunatly, the cable is more than just a "usb to dmx" it has an internal chip that is programmed to take one signal and convert it to another one... Just like the CompuShow, the software is free to use and "demo" however, you have to buy the interface to actually use the program with lights.

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