I just bought 2 elation spot and wash 250 but i can not control one of them, its moving for itself, can you help me with this problem
Thank You
Gustavo Leal
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do u have any control over the one that is moving on it's own? is there any type of light that tells u it is recieving a DMX signal?
also i just checked and if u have the power spot and washes the spots are 15 channels which would mean the second one should start at A016. and if this is so is it panning and tilting on it own or just one or the other. can u tell me what u have and at what addresses?? i need to know if they are power spots and washes or what. and also if the washes are cmy or not.
Hi Gustavo,
The power spots all have a channel that does movement. So if you have 1 fader with a lever of 10%, that fixture may move on its own.

On the DMX operator, you need to be in program mode, then reset all the faders.
I am only guessing that's what it is.
If not try addressing them all to A001, to see if it stops.

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