OK ... so I am real new to all this. I DJ small middle school dances for free for the local school and decide to add some lighting. I have 4 PAR 64's, a DMX strobe and a SS8.

I was just planning on useing the pre-programmed chases, however, then how the heck do I control my strobe?

I had the strobe set to chanell 9 and 10 and works great without the chase running. Once I run the chase on 2X8, I can not control.

I know, I know ... I am a newbe. Just trying to figure this out before the dance on Friday.

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the stage setter 8 isnt really built for a DMX inteligent fixture. could you consider getting a new controller or swapping out the SS8 for something else?
The problem sounds like the chase is effecting the channels your strobe is on. You need to edit the chases so they only include the PAR channels. Not sure how to do it on the SS8. Look at your manual. If you still can't figure it out or you are confused, drop another line and I will try and help you out.

A strobe isn't really an intelligent fix, just easier to control with an intelligent controller is all. Should see some of the crazy things I have to do. For example, I am running an all LED show (Set of Octo Strips, 2 DLED36s, and some Opti 30 RGBs) this weekend with an NSI 16x2, so should be fun Roll Eyes.

Anyway, you can run any DMX device with any DMX controller. It's just some controllers are easier for higher channel count fixtures, and some are better at lower count or single channel fixtures. Some are good at both. Really comes down to what your show is using and what you can get for control.
I can not afford to swap this out ... I do this stuff for free. I guess I got bad advise when I bought it.

I am going to try to program new chase scenes without channels 9 and 10 and see if that works.

Thanks for the help.

What should I have bought for a small DJ rig?
OK ... this is cool. I am getting the hang of this DMX programming stuff. Thanks for all your help.

One quick question - what is the difference between a mic cable (xlr) and a dmx cable? Can I interchange them?

Probably a really stupid question but I am a serious newbe.
the difference is mic cable has a different impedience rating than DMX of at least I think that is the word. For dmx it has to be 120 or it could cause data loss at long distances. Like over 100 feet but me and a lot others here strongly reccommend DMX cables. Sincerely,
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Thanks a ton. An old EE here so I get it. I thought it was how it was grounded. Guess I will go out an buy a DMX cable ... I need one for a short run between dimmer boxes and had a mic cable.
Jingles is correct that it is in the impedance of the cables. DMX is 110 ohms standard. The protocol also calls for 5 pin cable, when it only uses 3 wires. It was made 5 pin originally for expansion, so you could have 2 pairs running down one cable, or for other data of some sort. DMX is dieing however, so it will never be expanded to use the extra pins.

Also, for longer runs, Jingles is right that you should only use DMX. You can however start to see problems with mic cable vs DMX at any length. Don't forget to terminate longer runs of DMX as well.
Welcome to the forums. Sorry you were given bad advice. The DMX Operator 192 would work PERFECTLY for what you are doing. Good Luck!


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