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I have & have been using the Stage Setter 8, never a problem. But It is now time to do away with dimmer packs and move onto LED fixtures. I just purchased 2 Color Palette fixtures by Chavet. I set the start channel on the fixture (For simplicity) to channel 1. On the Stage Setter 8, channel 1,2 &3 work as they should. But when I set channel one to 70 on the controller, it should put the fixture in 6 channel mode. The first 3 channels work as they should in 6 channel mode, but channels 4,5 &6 should just turn on a single color, but do nothing.????

Now, is it possible since I'm NOT using actual DMX cables, I'm sending faulty signal? I have removed the bond to the outer casing on regular Mic cables, still the same thing.

All I want to do is be able to set R-G-B to full on. Simple what I want to do in 6 channel mode. It is really wonderful all the built in chases in the fixtures, but really, all I want to do is use basic color (R-G-B) for front stage lighting.

I'm just tired of moving cans around all the time and worrying about power loads.. For now, I just need to get basic color on stage on the fronts.


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Hi Mike,
The stage setter 8 is a straight forward controller channels 1-8 or channels 1-6 consecutivly.
So the controller will always give you the same results.
I think the best thing for you would be to contact Chauvet and see whats up with the Color Pallette.. It has some pretty complex channel assignments, and if you address them to 1 for simplicity sake they should do the same thing. For other channel or menu setting on the Color Palette you need to work with chauvet.

Best regards,

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