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I have a stage setter 8 hooked up in the cabaret i work in. Tonight before the show i was adjusting one of the lights and suddenly all the lights attached to that channel went out. I tried everything i could think of to fix it, but the channel seems to be dead.
The lights work on other channels, but not the one that is having problems.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

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Couple things to try.

First, did you check you dimmer for that channel? Maybe the dimmer just tripped or the fuse blew and you need to reset it or replace it.

Next, did you check the lamps? It is possible that all the lamps on that channel blew out. Also, when a lamp blows out, sometimes it will take the fuse or trip the breaker on the dimmer.

Lastly, have you tried anything else in that channel? Try moving the DMX addresses around so another set of lights comes up on that channel. If another set comes up, then you know it's not the console but the lights themselves, the cable path for power, and/or the dimmer.

Let us know how you make out and we can try to help you more from there.

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