hello guys sorry for all the questions

i have 2 snap shot strobe light . i have them plugged into the elation 815 dimmer/ reley pace . with not having the channel that they are plugged into the strobe light will flash on about every min they will make a single flash what is making them do that ? any ideas ?
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which elation pack are you using? i cannot find a 815 on our website or adj's. Also can you kinda rephrase your question? Or let me ask you this: your saying that you snap shots are doing one flash about a min or so when there is no dmx command telling them too?
That would be do to voltage leak. The little voltage leaked by the dimmer builds up the capacitors in the strobe unit it fills up and fires off a burst. Simplest way to solve this is put a ghost light on the same channel on the pack as the strobe is. The voltage leak will go towards that instead of the strobe then. Any filament lamp will work.
if i do that then when i turn on the strobe light the ghost light will come on also right ?

when i use my strobe it is compelete dark i dont want another light on .. unless im miss understanding you
Unfortunately, yes it will. The simple way around this is to use a very small fixture, like a Par 16. Then simply use Black Wrap to cover the light so it emits no light at all. Black Wrap is black, heavy duty aluminum foil that is made for blocking light and also to withstand very high temperatures. Apollo Design and a few other companies make the stuff. I keep a roll of it in my work box, very useful.
ok he is a question can you use a burned out bulb ?

so that way you dont have a light coming on when you want your stobes only ?

will the burned out bulb still work as a ghost light ?
No, it has to be a complete circuit. The voltage will take the path of least resistance. In this case a filament with a complete circuit is much less resistance then a circuit that isn't complete (infinite resistance) and just filling up a capacitor.

The other thing you can do is put a resistor in line. But that requires wiring and soldering and I won't say how to do something like that over a forum because of the safety issues surrounding it. You can severely hurt or kill yourself and/or others but re-wiring things like dimmers and strobes if you don't know what you are doing. So don't try it. This safety message brought to you by OSHA and a bunch of other safety inspectors/certification organizations.

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