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I know that many of you are pro lighting guys and will think im just a stupid kid but i have a huge interest in lighting design and all i want to do is practice with a programme on my computer. i do not have a light rig i just want to create a light show to some music and enjoy watching it. do i need dmx for the software to do this? all i want is to add a song and make a cool little light show.
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hey delerious! elcome o the forums. i am pretty much the exact same way you are except im trying to make a job out of it. i suggest u download compuware. you do not need dmx for it. but you do however have to understand how dmx works. here is a link to the software. COMPU LIVE 06' and download the april 16 2007 edition ok. and for this software you can do exactly what you just describe with it and more! i'll let you take this in and then you acn get back to me. i can help tach ya too. p.s. where you from? peace! jingles! and another thing there is no such thing as a stupid question.
hey del. to add your own fixtures your gonna want to click on the page button on the top of your screen and then hit new page and then this window will pop up.
once u see that hit he top button "create new page with the scanlibrary wizard"
once you clik on that it opens up a new window. click on the top button that has a computer with a deskop tower on it and from here scrol down the list till u find martin or any other company you want to use. but make sure u address them properly. if u need more help than this let me know. i'll be on for a while tonight. also hey if you got yahoo instant messenger or windows live i am jingles8302 for both. hit me up. but let me know what u have first. peace! jingles!
thanks mate. u are a great help. well its 4 30 am here so i am off to bed and when i get up you will be sleeping so i wanted to ask u a couple more things i can check the answers to later and if you could answer them then it is much appreciated.

1. i accidentily crossed off the real time screen that shows you the stage and your light show how do i get it back

2. how do i add music to the programme

3 how do i set the lights to follow the music

jingles i cannot tell you how grateful i am to you. there is hope in this world! someone kind DOES exist. i thank you once again and i shall talk to you again.

night Smiler

ok gn. del.
1) you se in the pic i posted at the top the lil circle with "3D" in it. click that that will re load ur 3d viewer. it looks like this:
2) your gonna want to use the program that comes with the emo called "easy show" it should be on your desktop.
3) to synch the lights to the music u have to first program some scenes and name them or just remember which ones they are. i use the master page alot for this. this is a really deailed part of programming on compuware. maybe i wil make a vid for ya and host it on you tube. peace for now. jingles!

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