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Another query for you guys!

You know how on fixture profiles you have a simple "chase" button you can select to chase multiple fixtures on the same profile?
Well my client has 8 propar56 RGB for rear curtain downlights and would like to be able to program them in different patterns (other than just left to right chase), and still be able to manually control the speed like he can with the chase button.
The only solution I could come up with was programming individual scenes into a cycle...but then you have to manually type in the times, and can't adjust them on the fly.

Is there any way (a non absolute pain in the butt way!) we can make this happen?

Can a profile be created with more than 1 chase pattern? (random fixture flash, symmetrical pairs in/out out/in..etc)

This would also come in handy for regular stage cycles to help match a tempo of a bands song.
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You don't need to create cycles. you can simply create your own chases using the effects generator in the button editor. Once you have your scene or switch created and saved and the editor window closed just simply find the button and hold down shift and right click it and select "Show the speed fader" and that will generate a dimmer fader on the button that you can use to override the speed of the sequence.
The program auto generates the chaser, circle, figure eight, automatically based on the type of profile (Moving head, LED, Generic par can, ETC) based on certain parameters and default preset in the profile. I cannot add more different chasers.
Hope this helps.

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