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Posted Dec 30, 5:08 PM
i am using the compu live 1024 ec , with the sept 29 2009 update on windows xp with 512 ram

i set up the key board keys as triggers for my light

space bar = black out

z = for all lights on
x = for white
c = yellow
v = red
b = greeen
n = blue
m = purple
, = pink

last night for awhile they were working fine
but then after awhile the triggers z x c v b n m , stoped working the only thing that would work was the spacebar to turn off the lights unless i took the mouse and clicked on that one light button to make it come on then use the space bar to make it go off..

but i could only control that one color light untill i picked another color with the mouse clicked on it then that light would work with the trigger and the space bar to turn it off and so on and so fourth

any ideas ? i added pics
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Hmm, so I was right about the caps lock thing. Must be some Linux guys doing the programming, or at least using the Unix/Linux mindset(which I wish more users would follow).

Thing of it this way though, now you've got effectively twice the number of triggers available, one set with the caps ON and one set with the caps OFF.

That was a shot in the dark for me but something just trigged the "check the caps lock" suggestion.

Since I use Linux for my web hosting platform, I have some familiarity with it. My biggest issue comes when I upload new graphics and I forget to name them .jpg from the default .JPG from the camera files! It's bit me in the butt more than once.

Does your caps lock key have a light on it or is there an indicator light somewhere on a panel? I bet you'll be checking that all the time now!
yes i have a light on the keyboard that lets me know when i have caps on. i will have to watch for that .

but the bad thing is that you say we have twice the amount of trigger keys now

1 with caps on

2 with caps off

the bad thing is with caps on the triggers dont work that was the main troubles. so i can only use the triggers with the caps off.

unless you know a way to use the triggers with the caps on ?

another question while we are at it .. is there another way of using the triggers by puitting in like c1 or c2 ?
Depending on how the software is written, the caps lock key can be partially ignored, which sounds like the case here. Or maybe you didn't program anything in CAPS. in which case, the software shouldn't show caps.

What the poster is now talking about is multi-key triggers. So, he would hit the letter "c", followed by the definer: say, "1".

SHIFT doesn't count(well, almost never.) I had a security package where part of my password involved me hitting and releasing. It was a very strange but also very good security program. But that an odd exception to the rule. That same software would track CAPS lock presses too. I mean, whatever order you did your password in, including silly stuff like that, it would track it. A letter entered while CAPS lock was ON or OFF had to be re-entered the exact same way, not a SHIFT+letter, that would be a totally diffent entry.

Nope, doesn't work that way. Sorry. We don't want to get too carried away. That could get insane fast, providing something like 26-squared key combinations. Not my idea of a fun thing to memorize, document or deal with quickly. Not saying it can't be done, but CompuLive ain't doing that.

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