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I have read up on the venue issues on the forum. However, I still don't seem to have full control of my Venue Par 64s. I can get the colors. The dimmer and Macro are not working. Also they flicker on and off every 2 to 3 seconds. The Strobe is off but it is still flickering on and off. If I turn the strobe up it does seem to work properly.
I have tried changing the 10 pin on and off. When I turn the 10 pin on I loose control of the light. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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ok the file path for a Mac is, ../Users/user/Elation/emulation/Personality profiles/user
Place in the user folder and then when you open the Emulation program go to Patch and select your venue LEDs and click replace and then in the manufacturer list scroll down to the bottom until you see {User}Venue. Click on it and then select your profile and then select number of fixtures then ok and you should be good to go. Let me know. And I hope these instructions help.
Hi James. I to am having this same problem on my Mac. I followed the path but mine is not the same as what you posted.

Which was: ../Users/user/Elation/emulation/Personality profiles/user

My path is Users/user/Elation/
at this point I can go into Emulation folder but there is no Personality profiles folder. The folders in there are: CACHE, COLOURS, LANGUAGES, LOGS, & Midimaps folders.

I can instead go into the COMMON folder instead of the emulation & there is a PERSONALITIES folder. In that folder is a FACTORY folder & a USER folder. In that USER folder is where I see the Venue.xml file.

I did move it temporarily & add in your file but after going into the software & replacing the patches with the new fix, the lights still continue to strobe on & off.

Do I add on the additional file or replace the older one as it request before I can paste the new one in?

I can control the rate of speed under the BEAM button & using the STL fader, but I cannot get it stop strobing.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you & have a great day.
I'll try it all again, but I have the venue (brand new) Par 64 sitting on my desk & using the usb to DMX cable directly into the lamp. I have tried swapping cables, buying new cables & I will only be making a run of about 25 feet & then short jumps from lamp to lamp. I was told at Guitar Center that if I was under 100 feet, I wouldn't need one when I ask to purchase one. He had longer ones running there in the store & it was running on Emulation software & looked great. It was not an Mac though...
At this point I don't believe it to be a cabling problem as Im DMX for only 3 feet to the lamp & all colors worked & dim properly. I have a show this Friday so Im hoping together we can figure this one out..
Thank you for your time & efforts either way.
Im really happy with the software & would like to keep it, but ATM can't do much with it as all cues include strobing constantly...

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