Wanted to kmow how to change the gobo on this fixture andwhat was the gobo size is it a standard size. wanted to change one of them with a gobo i had made for my q spot 575 and if i can use it in this fixture.the manual does not say how to replace and change gobos.
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Hi Mike,
On the Vision Scan 250 we use a Slot lock system.
Just pull out the slot and pop out the gobo to replace.
Our Gobos are 26.9mm OD x 23mm viewing image.
So if the Qspot does not use that size then it wont fit.
I believe the front cover of the light is held by 4 screws.
These are special 1/4 turn screws that allow the light to easily be opened for service or gobo change out and maintanence.

Just get your self a philips head screw driver.

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