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Hello to all the compu live users. For all those that are waiting for 64 bit compatibility and the new software please leave me your email addresses in this thread in the form of this example: jsmesk At elation lighting DOT COM. And i will add your email to a list i am making and will email you all when the final release is out for the software and when you may upgrade your interface. Sound good?
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what i am saying for those of you that need a 64 bit version of the interface will have to upgrade to the new interfaces that will be out soon. The drivers that are required to run the software and have it detect your current USB to DMX interface will never work with a 64 bit OS. Our developers had to make a new driver and that new driver will only work on the new interfaces. Understand? Or do you have more questions?
Well do you want a buggy software early? Or a stable version ready to go in a month or two? I don't know what to say it is ALL way overdue. We are working on the new software day and night i assure and it is well worth the wait. We are selling the new interfaces first because they are ready to go and work good on a 64 bit and 32 bit OS. I do greatly apologize for the inconvenience but we want to make sure when it is released it is 100% ready to go. I thought we would release the software early 2010 aswell. i am just as bummed about it as you are.
Well, if there is one thing I hate it buggy software so im pleased at that, but the dates keep getting pushed and pushed Frowner but I guess for a good reason. Do you know if the LED problem will be fixed in the 3d viz this time? It makes me sad to have to program LEDs only with the fixture present to avoid any problems. Also, is there anything different with the hardware other then it just supports 64bit? Thnx!

Also to hold us off, can you start telling us or showing what the changes will be?
I know they keep getting pushed back. but you got to remember we have been working on this program for a few years already. And it is almost done. what's another month or two? I haven't tested this in the 3d on the beta yet. but I plan too very soon. I do not know all the changes to the hardware. yes 64 bit is one of them. And i have heard rumors about some of the new hardware features in the Interface however I cannot comment on a public forum.
Compu upgrade - Update

We are finalizing the upgrade options for those of you working on 64 bit systems. I will shed some light on what we have thus far.

1. All Compu Live software Compu 1024 and Compu 2048 hardware is a current product that is made to be used on 32 bit systems.
There is nothing wrong with your current system as long as you continue to use 32 bit system.

2. A new version will be available soon. These will be called Compu Cue and Compu Show. These are new software and new interface.

3. You will be able to use Compu Live software with Compu Cue and Compu Show interfaces.
You Will Not be able to use Compu Show software with Compu 1024 and Compu 2048 interfaces.

4. Upgrade options will be as follows
Compu 1024 - Compu Cue $ fee
Compu 1024 - Compu Show $$$ fee
Compu 2048 - Compu Show $ fee

The plan is to make the fee's afordable.

As of now....
Compu Show is now available and shipping
Compu Cue is still pending availability
and we will post the upgrade fees as soon as we have them available.


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OK everybody. In case no one noticed we now have the compu cue and Compu show interfaces on the web.
Compu Cue Basic.
Compu Cue.
Compu Show SD.
Compu Show SD+.

Oh ya and if you go to any of these pages you will notice a "Compu Show Sept 24" link. Guess what that is? Yup New software is now ready for you all to download and play with. Please keep in mind what Elation PRO said earlier. The compu Show software will only recognize the interfaces I posted links too above. Any questions please let us know.
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