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In This forum you can discuss tips, tricks, and troubleshooting for Elation's Next Generation Compu Live software, "Compu Show".

I currently use Compu Live 1024 EC and I love it. So I'm definitely interested in what this new program has to offer.

So what is the major difference between Compu Live and Compu show? Also, in laymans terms can you tell me what the differences are between Cue Basic, Cue, Show SD, and Show SD+.

I'm a small timer, so I wouldn't want to buy a bunch of stuff I don't need. Thanks!!
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Hello Butters. A LOT is different between the two. Compu show is the next generation software based off the success of the Compu live software. however Compu Show was completely re designed from the ground up. It has a different look. Here is a screen cap of compu live software.

Here is a screen cap of Compu Show software.

The compu show software as you can see has a redesigned user interface. Less clutter more space for scenes and switches etc. There are a ton of new features in compu show that I just do not have the time to go over right now. One of the biggest ones is palettes. Palettes can be used to streamline programming between venue to venue. A position palette for example could be say 4 moving heads on the drummer. what you do is create a palette for the drummer position and use it in all the scenes that you want to spot the drums. so now you have all your scenes programmed with the drums position say 30-40 of them. but you are at a new venue and the drummer has set up his kit in a different position than you had programmed for. In compu live you would have to go in and manually update ALL 30-40 of your scenes. Well in compu Show you can now simply update that one drummer palette position and automatically ALL 30-40 of your scenes that use that drums position palette are updated with the new pan and tilt coordinates.
Very power full feature. So that is one of the new features. You really just have to download it and check it out for yourself. Also note that your 1024Ec will not be detected by the compu show software as it requires one of the new interfaces.
The features for the different interfaces are as follows.
Compu cue Basic: up too 2x DMX 512 universe out or 1 in and 1 out. Has a limited 3D visualizer. Can use midi but not midi time code. No stand alone option nor easy show is available for the basic.

Compu Cue: 2X DMX 512 universes. 2 Art net universes. limited 3D viz. Can use MIDI and Midi time code. I/O ports triggering. Can do one DMX 512 universe for stand alone. Has a internal only memory of 64k for stand alone memory.

Compu Show SD: 3X DMX 512 universes out or 1 in and 2 out. 4X Art net universes. full 3D viz. Can use Easy show triggering. MIDI and MIDI time code. PC clock triggering. I/O ports triggering. 2X DMX universes out for Easy stand alone. Can Purchase and use a Infrared Remote to trigger easy stand alone scenes. mini SD memory slot for using a SD card for huge amounts of stand alone memory.

Compu Show SD+ has all the same as the compu Show SD plus unlimited Art net universes.

So those are the features between the interfaces. most people seem to be happy with the Cue and Show SD. I personally have a Show SD. And it's great. Hope this answers your questions. If you have any more questions let me know.
Hey Pitman,
the learning curve for compu show is not a big one coming from Compu Live. The core functions and features are still present in compu show but were re designed to work faster and better.

Yes compu show will import compu live show files but only the .ssh types. not the archived pages.
yes you are correct in that compu cue basic, compu cue and compu show SD model interfaces will work on both Compu Live and Compu show PC programs. Also on 64 bit Windows OS too.
Let me know if you have any more questions.

jingles is no longer working with elation. but i could assist you. the compu cue only allows you to run the compu show software. and i believe that the 3d visualizer will only allow you to patch your fixtures, it wont let you re build the stage or in port file into it.

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