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Well there is no reason to make profiles for dimmer packs. Your using regular halogen oar cans correct? Go to the generic folder and use the par 36,56 or 64 1 channel profiles. When it asks number of fixtures use 4. It's the same thing.
I'm not sure why your having trouble downloading from the online server. Which version date are you using? Click on the "?" and select about and it will tell you which date is installed.
You are amazing...I did not expect this quick response. I bought the software yesterday at Guitar center and the manager mentioned that you guys are really good and fast! are much more. You are super fast! I cannot thank you enough for the speedy support!

I meant Compu Live 2006...some how the comment got posted before I typed the whole thing.
Hello, I'm slightly new to compulive but not new to the lighting biz. I am also having an issue with the online library using the latest update for the software. I see the fixtures I need, select the one I need. Screen disappears and no text gets loaded into the box. I need the ADJ comscan and the venue led pars of various sizes. I can see them but just cannot retrieve the info.
Any help would be great.
I am also having the same problem with the online library. We recently purchased the CompuShow SD controller and are running the most recent version of the software (June 8, 2010)and can't seem to access any of the files on the online library. We can see what is there, but when we click on a file, it goes back to the Scanlibrary (Step 1/9) page with nothing in the box for selecting a fixture. We are trying to access the file for the Elation Pro Platinum Spot 5R moving head fixtures.
I was also wondering if there is a file available for Chauvet Colorado1_DMX 9 with 9 channels instead of 4 channels.

Thanks in advance. Smiler

I'm looking for a few profiles that I do see in the internet scan library yet cannot load them either. They are mainly all Chauvet lights. The profiles that are in the local library don't seem to do everything. I have compushow and load some of those files in the scan library then did a save as to get the .ssl file for compu live but on some lights that have options for different channels modes it split it into multiple files per mode (ie Chauvet colorpalette was broke into 4 "modes" color palette mode 1 2 3 4). Is there a link to the Chauvet directory so I can get a few of the profile? While I have you, which is better - compu live or show? I have both downloaded and installed but show seems to crash a lot so I have just been learning live. When starting the program if I create a new show and leave it as the default name it is ok, but if I click into the box to rename it it crashes. Prompting to e-mail you. I just "walked away" from it. Thanks in advance.
This is the link I use for my dropbox. it is for the entire library for compu show and compu live.
The respective folders are updated anytime I upload a new profile I have created. Smiler

Personally I love and use compu show. Here is a link to the latest release of compu show. Let me know if it crashes and if it does please go ahead and send me the crash reports so we can fix the issue. Smiler
Hope this helps.
Thanks a lot! So far it looks like everything I need. The 14 channel minspot (13 and 6 were easy to come by), scorpion storm rg, and others all seem to be there. I will check out the compu show later I do t have my lap top on me. I would really like to use it I hope I can get it to work. I did load it on my home pc also to make sure it wasn't a problem with the laptop but it does the same thing. Anyway, thanks again for your help, it is very appreciated!
Ok, I have good news. The version of Compu Show that you shot me works to its full extents (as far as I can see). But I could not get one of the profiles that I have for Compu Live to convert (using the scan library save as method). I looked at the Compu Show directory but did not see a Chauvet Scorpion STORM RG (only Scorpion Storm or Scorpion RG) and cannot seem to find a profile that gives me all of the functions I should. When I tried the scan library it said The profile must have one light beam at least...???? It is the profile that I downloaded from the Compu Live directory. To make a long story short, can you help me locate a Chauvet Scorpion Storm RG profile for Compu Show? Many thanks in advance!
This may be a shot in the dark but it's worth a shot. On the ADJ forums some people questioned you for a profile on a "cheap light" that is sold at musicians friend and guitar center. It was a 7 channel LED par 64 can that had VRI on the mounting bracket. You created a profile for this light but apparently emailed it to them. Do you happen to have it for Compu live? The guys I am trying to set up these ligths for have 8 of them new in the box yet there is no manual (I cut the tape on the some of the boxes). They have had them over 2 years and have never been able to get them to work. Returning them is not an option. Frowner

I wish I had the info for you, hopefully this one will be an easy find for you.
Yes you can manipulate it. As long as you are sure your fixture uses say 7 channel and the profile you tried loading uses 7 channels you can create a new scene and select ok+Edit and that will open the button editor and there be your faders to move around and play with. Write down what does what and at what value and I can make a profile based off of that. Do you need an example of a DMX chart?
Look on page 10 in the PDF for where the DMX charts for the fixture in the manual are. Cool?
Ok, this is not as definitive as I would like but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Channel 1:
0-7 Nothing, 8-215 Strobe, 216-231 Nothing, 232-247 Half Shutter? (it's half as bright as 248-255), 248-255 Open shutter?

Channel 2:
0-247 Dimmer? (0= brightest, channel 1 must be 232+), 248-255 Nothing

Channel 3: (this is where I am struggling)
0-7 nothing, 8 is red, 9-71 fades into blue, 72 is blue, 73-135 fade to green, 136 green, 137-199 fade back to red, 200 red, 201-255 stays red

Channel 4:
0-255 fades to yellow

Channel 5:
0-255 fades to magenta

Channel 6:
0-255 fades to cyan

Channel 7:
0-255 toggles through red, magenta, cyan, blue, green, and yellow in a strobe type pattern but only if channel 3 is 200 or higher

Please note that channel 1 must be 232 or higher for anything to respond. All light from 1 alone is white. And 232 and higher seems to be activated by sound but I can't get it to repeat. I have tried different tones but it seems to do its own thing no matter what. I just turned the sensitivity down to keep it solid and avoid any mishap. Hope this is enough info. Let me know if you need more info. And again, thanks for all of you're help.

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