I am looking for a parts list and prices for Active Scan 250 watt (msd lamp)

1 Mirror with bracket

2 Main pc board

3 Lamp socket with wires and tubing
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To whom it may concern,
At this point in time Elation Service is limited on parts for the ACTIVE SCAN. That light has been discontinued for quite sometime and some parts are currently out of stock and on order. We do have the lamps in stock. The mirror and socket are also available. The main PCB's are currently out of stock and are on order. If you like to place and order for this lamp or any of these parts feel free to contact Elation Customer Support at 866.245.6726 (8AM - 4:30PM PST.)

Elation Customer Support
I was wondering why you dont have a parts section on all Elation fixtures?
Like on American DJ's site even discontinued ones.

The 8 active scans we have are still in use. They still look great and work well. Every now and then i pull them out and clean them and take care of any repairs.

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