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Hello again,

It has been a few months since Elation sent me a new controller for my Z1200II (They responded very well to my problems and were Johnny on the spot, Thank you Elation. However, it did not seem to work very well as I have had the same problems. The remote timer only seems to work when the timer controls are all about in the 50% positon, other than that....nothing at all. I have to manually push the nice green button to get it to work. I also experience occasional run away fog. Just out of the blue it will just turn on and nothing stops it until I physically unplug the remote timer. Any suggestions?

It makes sense that if sending a replacement controller doesn't resolve the problem, it's most likely an issue with the unit itself.

Chances are you're going to either box it up and ship it back for repair or replacement, or your sales rep may swap it out for you. I can't speak authoritatively either way. It sounds like you're well within the warrranty period so the good news is you won't be out any more than shipping.
Just simple process of elimination.

If it was me, I'd cut your middleman out of the equation for this round and get directly to Elation's technical support. I haven't had to deal with Elation directly, but my two service issues with ADJ went fairly well. Timing wasn't a problem for me, mainly since I didn't need the bad fog machine replaced or the ibeam section replaced in a hurry. I know ADJ has some priority support options. I bet Elation does too.

I know the feeling. Time = money. It's why I haven't had some minor things done to my console since I only have Fridays available and never the time to drive to have it done, wait and then drive back home.

Best of luck. If the funding is right, please consider having a back-up unit even if it's a lesser capability unit, such as the next model down. I've seen the prices of some of this Elation gear. I know it's not as easy to have a fall-back unit.
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Well, as long as your results are acceptable, then I guess all is good.

I'm one of those guys though, who despite how mellow I may seem, anger me and I'm on the horn with a VP or CEO or the board of directors screaming and yelling.

Let's put it this way: a screw job AT&T did on me has resulted in me MOVING $20 Million dollars per year of business OFF AT&T's network. But I'm not bitter! That's recurring revenue NOT hitting AT&T anymore, and those are not accurate numbers. Total losses are significantly higher(think 10X those numbers by this point in time).

If your middleman is front-endng this for you, who cares, as long as you're being taken care of.

I've always had great service from ADJ, so I expect Elation to be the same. I also suspect the business model and clientelle of Elation is also significantly different than that of ADJ. With Elation, I expect more clients buying the gear in order to make money via the gear. With ADJ, I see people making money by having the gear available, but we're talking much smaller dollar amounts.

Keep working. Glad to at least hear you're being taken care of, even though I'm not even an employee or associate of Elation, just someone who owns 3 pieces of gear...

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