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eNode 4 Configuration - DMX Port "NET" setting

Perry Beatty ·
I'm new to setting up the eNode 4 ethernet node. I have a network setup with 12 - eNode 4 units, each of them needs to to be configured for all 4 DMX ports set to output. I need 4 ports to be assigned to 2 universes, 2 ports for universe "x" and the other 2 ports to universe "x+1". When I go to the DMX port option on the menu, there is a "NET" setting and I'm not sure what number to use on all the ports for the 12 units? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance, Perry Beatty

Re: eNode 4 Configuration - DMX Port "NET" setting

Ricardo C. ·
To set the universe of a DMX port, go to "Set DMX Port" menu, then select the DMX port you want to change. After selecting your desired port, go to "Principal". "Principal" is where you select the universe you want to be outputted by the DMX port. Also, the IP address of your enodes will be set to by default. The IP address must be set to something unique on each enode in your network.