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Chorus Line 16 LED Driver Replacement

Zach.S ·
Replacing the Drivers can be a little confusing. The left and the right drivers look Identical, but there are resistors on the boards to distinguish the placement. Here is a little cheat sheet that can help out. LED Driver Placement

Permanent Dmx Ghosting Issues

bubbajoe ·
Hi everybody! I am currently renovating a permanent install which was a mess. I have found two unknown Dmx 5 pin leads that look like they are home runs from the dimmers in the back to the console. I am having ghosting issues with these two Dmx lines they look like two separate lines. There is no problem with the console because there is only one dmx line that runs to the dimmers and they work perfectly. Do not know the brand of the dimmers. I am wondering what my next troubleshooting steps...

First fixture in DMX chain keeps getting fried

TheJunctionCenter ·
We have been experiencing this problem ever since moving into this venue. If anyone has any insight we would greatly appreciate it. We have had an electrician come look and install a UPS in case this was a power surge issue but it is still happening. Our house lights are the color pendant series. We have a second, smaller room for other events that has newly installed sixpar 100's as the house lights. In the main room (with ther color pendants) the first fixture in the DMX chain continually...

Re: First fixture in DMX chain keeps getting fried

Greetings, for sure you are getting an excess of voltage on the data line. also its not uncommon to have other PCB affected if a voltage related event occurs (collateral damage) long term. you may have to have an electrician use a scope VS just metering voltage, this may reveal some anomalies affecting your lights.

Chorus Line Fixture firmware

elationservice ·
Necessary upload tool: C-Loader II Chorus Line 8 Firmware V1.13 Chorus Line 16 Firmware V1.10 You should not attempt uploading the firmware to the fixture unless you have read and fully understand the instructions that came with the relevant Fixture firmware uploader for your fixture. Clicking this link will take you to the Software uploader section of our website so you can pick the correct uploader tool for your needs and fixtures. If you do not see your fixture listed, please contact ...