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Dartz 360 Firmware issue

Mperk ·
Hey there, I have a dart 360 that is not working correctly. I can use intensity, but the pan and tilt are non-responsive. When I looked at the software u1 + u5 had software but u2-u4 had nothing there. There's nothing different across the rest of the lights other than the software difference. Picture for reference, please advise

Dartz 360 firmware Updates

elationservice ·
Upload tool: C-Loader Software Uploader Dartz 360 Firmware V1.2.20 What's new: PT Speed optimization at low speed rotation. You should not attempt uploading the firmware to the fixture unless you have read and fully understand the instructions that came with the relevant Fixture firmware uploader for your fixture. Clicking this link will take you to the Software uploader section of our website so you can pick the correct uploader tool for your needs and fixtures. If you do not see your...

Re: Dartz 360 Firmware issue

Jingles8302 ·
You should reach out to for help with this.