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Re: M-PC profile for ADJ VIZI BEAM 5RX

greetings please visit our Obsidian support page for any profile needs. http://support.obsidiancontrol.../Fixture_Library.htm

M-PC profile for ADJ VIZI BEAM 5RX

Leonard- ·
I need a profile for "ADJ VIZI BEAM 5RX" for M-PC. My version of M-PC has a profile for "ADJ VIZI BEAM 5R" but it does not work with "ADJ VIZI BEAM 5RX". M-PC Build 3.42.570.0 Please let me know where i can download it if it is already available. If not please let me know what i need to do to get it created. Thanks in advance.

Seven Batten 42 Firmware

elationservice ·
Upload tool: C-Loader or USB Stick SEVEN Batten 42 Firmware V2.09 What's new: Fixes the following bug; after using KlingNet, DMX cannot control RGB. You should not attempt uploading the firmware to the fixture unless you have read and fully understand the instructions that came with the relevant Fixture firmware uploader for your fixture. Clicking this link will take you to the Software uploader section of our website so you can pick the correct uploader tool for your needs and fixtures. If...