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Service for broken fixtures

Chrisguitar999 ·
I have two problematic fixtures that I ordered replacement parts for per the recommendation of one of Elations Service employees. Since then, they have arrived, I've replaced the parts, both fixtures are still not working and that person in the service department has not replied to me for weeks. Wondering what I need to do to get in touch with someone that can help. Thanks in advance.

Re: Service for broken fixtures

Greetings , please forward me your correspondence so i can review asap.. please forward to Parts@elationlighting dot com.

E Spot Discuntinued Need Parts

sunpacy ·
Hello Everyone, question: I own a Elation E Spot LED. It works great but do not light up which we believe the light is gone. I contacted Elation and they are not able to provide any kind the help. So I am in the quest to see if anyone sell the part needed. My question is Do anyone know if any other Elation Fixture have the same kind of "bulb" I know is a LED and don't have bulb I guess is a chip if any other Elation model will fit that so it will expand my range of searching I will have more...