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Re: ADJ Ultra Bar 12 Profile Available?

Ricardo C. ·
On the manufacturer list, try searching for American DJ instead of ADJ.

ADJ Ultra Bar 12 Profile Available?

Tabernacle Baptist Church ·
We lost the patch originally setup by an individual no longer available. When trying to add a patch, we do not see the ADJ Manufacturer for the Ultra Bar 12. The lights use channels 63, 57, and 75. We are unable to find these in the list. Can this be added to Emulation? Thanks! TBC

Library to patch fixture issues

bradseely ·
I have just installed Emulation on my MacBook laptop. I've used it before on other Mac's. The library of fixtures shows up in Ebuilder but when I'm in Emulation and try to patch a fixture there is no fixtures to patch. The Patch fixture ADD button won't show any fixtures? I'm guessing that maybe I need to map the library correctly? I tried uninstalling and re installing Emulation only but that didn't fix it. PLEASE HELP! I'm using Emulation 10.4.03