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Hey everyone, I'm trying to decide which software to go with, our situation is as follows. Please disregard any stupid questions as I'm trying to figure this out!

We are a church that has a 350 person venue attached to it. I've looked into CompuLive and CompuShow as well as the 06 (not sure if that's the same?)and Emulation. I have used the compu 1024, in the past and liked the layout and easiness, however I wasn't using it to it's fullest extent as I didn't know all of the features it came with (3d visualizer, phasing, etc... only had 2 nights with the software). Emulation looks easy, but I'm not sure if it can perform all of my necessities.

The venue does a lot of plays for the church as well as weekly concerts as part of the venue. Would one of the Compu's be best or would emulation be better? I'm also extremely interested in a MIDIcon... any thoughts on those?

Eventually the venue wants to get into LED Screens and different toys. Anything anyone has to offer would help a bunch! Things you like and dislike about the other?

Also, I'm interested in using the 3d offline visualizers for special events.

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Chris, welcome to the forums. For flexibility alone, I would say Compu Show. The palette system and different layer layout would definitely benefit that type of venue. And yes the 2006 software and Compu Live are one and the same. 2006 was when it first launched. If you purchase a compu cue or a compu show SD interface they are backwards compatible, meaning they will work on the 2006 software as well as the new compu show software. If you have any questions about specific functions or features let me know.

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